AC FRESH Guave Drink

Descriptions :
Guava is a natural laxative as it is high in fibre and can help you if you're having digestive problems like constipation. This unusual concoction is a powerhouse of vitamin C and fibre. Have it with your afternoon snack to complement a chat-pata dish. Remember to use fully ripened guavas as they taste the best and also you need to add less sugar to this drink thus making it more healthy.
Guava juice is known to be delicious and children even drink it easily due to the color of the juice is pink mostly, while the other juice do not tend to attract the children. There are many health benefits of guava juice:

1. The guava juice helps in giving relief for cold and cough, by reducing the mucus, loosening the cough.
2. The guava juice also helps to take care of the skin.
3. Rich in fiber help in normalizing the digestive system.
4. Regular use of guava juice helps to fight cancer cells.
5. The regular intake of guava juice will also help to prevent diseases such as; heart disease, constipation (very common in young children), cancer, Alzheimer's and there are many more diseases.
6. The guava juice also helps to reduce weight.
7. It is very good for diabetic patients.
8. The guava juice helps in cleansing the body.
9. Guava juice also helps in dengue fever.
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