AC FRESH Zwarte Bessen Drink

Descriptions :
The black currant (Ribes nigrum) is a species of ribesfamilie (Grossulariaceae).
The species is grown on a limited scale in the Netherlands for the processing industry. Today the berries mechanically harvested and processed into juice. The harvest time depends on the breed and runs from early July to mid-August. Important a good sapkleur, a high vitamin C content and a flavor that is called cassis.
The berry is also held by individuals in gardens, and in Flanders, each classic "cottage garden" one or more plants, if only for canning.
The black currant is also in the wild on wet, nutrient-rich soil in deciduous forests , especially in swamp .
The black currant flowers early, from April to May, and is therefore susceptible to frost. This is the reason that mainly in the coastal blackcurrants are grown. The black currant is self-pollinating , but cross-fertilization gives more fruit. Blackcurrants are using cuttings propagated vegetatively.
Cultivation of black berries in Netherlands:
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