Heera Garam Masala Powder

Descriptions :
Garam masala (from Hindi: गरम मसाला, garam ("hot") and masala ("mixture")) is a blend of ground spices common in North Indian and other South Asian cuisines.[1] It is used alone or with other seasonings. The word garam refers to intensity of the spices rather than capsaicin content. Garam masala is pungent but not piquant.
Some recipes call for spices to be blended with herbs, while others for the spices to be ground with water, vinegar, coconut milk, or other liquids, to make a paste. In some recipes nuts, onion or garlic may be added. The flavours may be carefully blended to achieve a balanced effect, or a single flavour may be emphasized. Usually a masala is toasted before use to release its flavours and aromas.
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