CHUNG JUNG ONE Vinegar Drink Blueberry

Descriptions :
CHUNG JUNG ONE Vinegar Drink Blueberry

"Blueberry Vinegar Drink" is Black vinegar matured for a long time Blueberry vinegar Blueberry fruit juice Marine deep water (mie prefecture), and added with straight type drink. Make use of the product for health maintenance of everyone in your family Black vinegar juice and mild Blueberry vinegar and refreshing sweetness.

Many people add fruits and vinegar to their diet to improve digestion. Acetic acid aids in the absorption of many essential nutrients, and because vinegar contains a high proportion of acetic acid, adding vinegar to your diet will help your body absorb many of the important nutrients contained in your meal. Women have especially found vinegar to be useful in helping their bodies absorb enough calcium to keep their bones strong and healthy.
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Category   Food/Spices/Drinks  
SubCategory   Exotic Drinks  

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