Whole Hot Pepper

Descriptions :
Dried pepper or the African red hot pepper is a very hot spice
derived from sun dried fruits of the African Chili pepper called Capsicum annuum. It is several times "hotter" than the cayenne pepper sold in Australia. Most traditional African foods are cooked with this pepper; in fact I do not know of ANY African soup cooked in Western Nigeria for example without adding the red hot pepper!

The African red hot pepper is great in dishes as it acts as a very strong appetite stimulator, as well as a spicy condiment, providing flavoring for foods. Foods are never eaten bland.
The African red hot pepper is a great stimulator of many nerve path ways in the human body, causing intense salivation, release of digestive enzymes from the gut, increased mental acuity and encouraging sweating too, a desirable effect in hot tropical climates that helps in cooling the body.

Dried pepper or hot pepper has been proven to have medicinal properties too.

Hot pepper is also believed to have some antibiotic as well as anti-parasitic properties.
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