Whole Egusi (Melonseed)

Descriptions :
Citrullus lanatus (egusi melon) is the biological ancestor of the watermelon now found all over the world, but originated from West Africa . Egusi melon is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family. Unlike the common watermelon, whose flesh is sweet and red, the egusi melon's juicy flesh is pale yellow or green, and also tastes bitter. A creeping annual herb, the egusi melon has hairy stems, forked tendrils and three-lobed hairy leaves.
Comprising 50% oil and 35% protein (Jack, 1972), the seeds have both nutritional and cosmetic importance. The seeds contain vitamin C and B2, minerals, riboflavin, fat, carbohydrates and protein (Lazos, 1986). Nigerians call it Egusi, Ghanaians call it Agushi, while Congolese and Burundis call it Kokoliko)
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