Digital Piano

Descriptions :
A digital piano is a modern electronic musical instrument, different from the electronic keyboard, designed to serve primarily as an alternative to a traditional piano, both in the way it feels to play and in the sound produced. It is meant to provide an accurate simulation of a real piano. Some digital pianos are also designed to look like an acoustic piano. While digital pianos may fall short of a real piano in feel and sound, they nevertheless have many advantages over normal pianos:
Compared to acoustic pianos, digital pianos are generally less expensive.
Most models are smaller and considerably lighter, but there are large ones as well.
They have no strings and thus do not require tuning. They also easily accommodate different temperaments on demand.
Depending on the individual features of each digital piano, they may include many more instrument sounds including strings, guitars, organs, and more.
They are much more likely to incorporate a MIDI implementation.
They may have more features to assist in learning and composition.
They usually include headphone output.
They often have a transposition feature.
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Digital piano


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