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Desi Boyz is a Hindi comedy drama film directed by Rohit Dhawan, son of director David Dhawan. The film stars Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh in lead roles[5] whilst Sanjay Dutt features in a cameo. The film released on 25 November 2011, and received mixed to positive reviews from critics. This movie is inspired from a lawsuit of an Indian student against a university in the West.

Desi Boyz(the film is inspired by the 1999 Hollywood film, Big Daddy) is the story of two friends, Jerry alias Jignesh Patel (Akshay Kumar) and Nick Mathur (John Abraham), who live in London and who are hit hard by recession. Jerry does odd jobs for a living as he is an undergraduate but Nick has a white-collar job. However, both find themselves jobless due to the economic downturn. Jerry has a little, school-going nephew Veer (Master Virej Desai) to look after as the child has lost both his parents. Nick is to marry his girlfriend, Radhika Awasthi (Deepika Padukone), who dreams of a lovely wedding, a great honeymoon and a wonderful house to live in after marriage.

Out of job, Jerry finds it difficult to even pay the school fees of his nephew because of which the government is on the verge of giving the custody of his nephew to a foster family. Nick fears, he won’t be able to fulfil the dreams of his to-be wife. It is to tide over the difficult times that Jerry and Nick turn to the oldest profession in the world. They become male escorts, fulfilling the costume fantasies of girls and ladies. Ironically, Jerry can’t ultimately prevent his nephew from being sent to a foster home; and Nick loses Radhika when she learns of what he has been up to while she is away in India. Frustrated, Nick blames Jerry for forcing him into the profession and asks him to move out of his house and life.

Nick now tries hard to win Radhika back and help comes from the most unlikely source – Radhika’s father Suresh (Anupam Kher) who has come to London with her. Meanwhile, Jerry registers in college again to complete his graduation so that he can earn enough money to get his nephew back home. In college, Jerry meets Tanya Sharma (Chitrangada Singh) who used to be his over-sized classmate and is now a hot and a sexy professor in the same college. Sparks fly between Jerry and Tanya. To make Nick jealous, Radhika dates a man named Ajay (Omi Vaidya). Nick starts to pick on Ajay, often calling him Vijay. After some reconsideration, Radhika forgives Nick, but Nick rejects her. Meanwhile, Jerry graduates college and also wins Tanya's heart. Nick comes and apologizes to Jerry. All is forgiven when Nick and Jerry reconcile. Jerry then helps Radhika win back Nick.

Nick then helps Jerry get a decent high paying job, Jerry decides to go to court and get back the custody of his nephew. Ajay turns out to be the lawyer against Jerry's case. He decides to get revenge on Nick for taking Radhika away from him by not letting Jerry win his case. Ajay tells the court about Jerry being a male escort and what a bad role model he would be towards his nephew. He then brings in 3 witnesses to testify against Jerry. He asks each of them if they had paid Jerry for sex; all but one say no. Ajay is on the verge of winning. But Jerry makes an inspiring speech to the judge. The case is in his favour and he ends up winning and gaining full custody of Veer. The recession ends and everyone is happily living their lives.
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Desi Boyz


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