BIRDY Coffee Canned Rich and Smooth

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Descriptions :
" Birdy " was firstly introduced to the market in 1993 as a pioneer canned coffee in the Thailand. At that time, the coffee market in Thailand was still the market of pure soluble coffee which consumer mainly consumed at home and at office. While iced coffees such as O-leang, and traditional coffee were mainly consumed outdoors at street vendors and small local restaurants. Whereas carbonated drinks like ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Coca Cola’ dominated the market of canned and bottled beverages.

At that period,Birdy canned coffee price was sold at 10 Baht as same as canned Coca Cola, when compared to the price of O-leang sold at street vendors, it was only 5 Baht. Therefore, the canned coffee itself was new for Thais so much. Then, the initial communication strategy forBirdy was created and focused as "Strong Cold Coffee" which was successfully well-accepted by consumers tillBirdy could be the strong leader of ready to drink coffee market and also No.1 in consumer’s mind

The name of "Birdy" was inspired by the bird which beautifully flied in the sky. Therefore,Birdy is also implied as the symbolic of freedom for Thais which consumer can sense the freedom from its refreshing moment whenever drinking Birdy.

And the taste of "Birdy" was meticulously developed to suit Thai consumers’ preference, besides, its packaging was also carefully designed by realizing consumer’s want, so that consumer could easily feel the refreshment and tasty taste of Birdy.

The first launched flavor was Birdy Iced Coffee and later followed by Robusta or consumers are familiar with the name ‘Birdy Red Strip’ which Robusta becomes the flagship of ‘Birdy’ till present.
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SubCategory   Exotic Drinks  

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