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Ayurvedic Foot massage has been practiced for centuries, with more than 7,000 nerves in the feet waiting to be stimulated, you may find that foot massage is very powerful and extremely pleasurable.

If you are involved in a high stress job or work on your feet for most of the time, then you require a foot massage. It will work as a tension reliever and make your feet feel better after a long tiring day. The therapy is capable of relaxing your mind and soul. A foot massage early in the morning will make your day and the same therapy at night will relieve you of all the tensions you have suffered from during the day.
Ayurvedic foot massage is very pampering and delightful treat for tired and aching feet.
Ayurvedic Foot Massage involves Ayurvedic strokes, stimulating energy channels by massaging the feet with pure oil to balance and harmonise, physically, mentally and emotionally. Organic coconut oil is used for woman and cold-pressed organic sesame oil for men.

Ayurvedic foot massage is highly recommended for people who are constantly on the go and performing artists such as dancers and actors.
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